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Ron Trent | musclecars

Chicago’s Ron Trent takes on ‘Shelter (Building It, Still)’ by the NYC duo musclecars, landing on their own Coloring Lessons Records imprint this month. The twosome, composed of Craig Handfield and Brandon Weems, are part of NYC’s house scene and beyond, through their party-turned-label Coloring Lessons, sets on The Lot Radio and their productions. 


Following a series of releases on both their label and toucan sounds, their newest offering, ‘Shelter (Building It, Still)’ burrows deeper into their love of grooving, soulful sounds, featuring a remix from Prescription co-founder Ron. 


Opening the release, ‘Prelude (Building It, Still)’ sees the duo combine piano licks and field recordings to start the EP. ‘Shelter’, which features vocalist and previous collaborator Brandon Markell Holmes follows, brings together synths and drum work alongside Holmes’ vocal performance. 


‘We Go Home Together’ is a slab of deep house, bringing saxophones, shuffling drums, and pads together for over seven minutes. 


Closing out the EP is Trent’s remix of ‘Shelter’, which sees the veteran inject basslines, percussion and an evolving arrangement to the original track. 


musclecars ’Shelter (Building It, Still)’ drops 17 September on Coloring Lessons Records.

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