BT + Au5 + Mangal Suvarnan

BT | Au5 | Mangal Suvarnan

Taken from 2020’s ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’, BT’s marshals a co-production, singing-songwriting and remixing complement to the album’s next single, ‘The Light Is Always On’. Studio-side with the Grammy-nominated artist is New Jersey native Au5, whose album-reconnecting with BT for the first time since 2013’s ‘A Song Across Wires’. Mangal Suvarnan swaps headphones for mic to handle ‘Light’s song-based duties, whilst on the remix is his fellow Los Angelino Le Youth.


Collectively they’ve created a track which puts into perspective BT’s “imagination over instant gratification” cause for ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’.  


On its original version, BT & Au5 play a dual-hander, generating a musically complex overture of drawn orchestral strings and Gaelic-tipped harmonies. The pair then max the engagement with breakbeats, higher frequencies and stutter-edit sequences. Throughout Mangal’s song radiates the positivity of the track’s title, while his lyrics leave its message clear.


On his reworking, Le Youth’s drops the track onto a later-night freeway. Bass and evolving synth patterns are modulated throughout, unfolding the big feel of his remix. 


It's out now on Black Hole Recordings.

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