Guy Scheiman & Inaya Day

Guy Scheiman & Inaya Day

Guy Scheiman Music (GSM) recently had its 82nd release, ‘High Energy’, compliments of Guy himself and Inaya Day. Originally sung in 1984 by Evelyn Thomas, this cover version makes this their fifth release together.

Inaya Day: “I was driving down the streets of Brooklyn, New York, listening to one of the ‘classics’ stations on satellite radio, and ‘High Energy’ by Evelyn Thomas came on. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks; 'do a cover!' Guy Scheiman and I were due for our fourth single and we'd never done a cover together, so I asked him if he'd be interested in covering the track? He said ‘yes.’ 


“Keeping the integrity of the original vibe, we added a bit of sauce mixed with our own flavours and sped it up a bit. Guy laid the synth licks, reminiscent of the original, and a brand new beat with some extra nuances. Then I honoured the vocal stylings of Evelyn Thomas while adding a bit of my own seasoning. We hope you enjoy our offering as we celebrate one of the songs that we so love.” 

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