Casbah 73

Casbah 73 | Glitterbox

Casbah 73 makes his Glitterbox Recordings debut with the slice of disco soul ‘Love Saves The Day’. Driven by a soul-filled vocal hook from Angela Goode, the jam’s authenticity possibly lies in its rawness, as it aims to sound like it’s been ripped straight from a 1970s dancefloor while maintaining a freshness for today’s listeners. 

This release also features two re-works, as Danny Krivit provides his funk-fuelled mix that smacks with New York City flare, bubbling keys and slap bass breakdowns to boot. Chicago’s Rahaan also takes on remix duties taking the vintage sounding original and transforming it into a pumping, modern disco cut.  


It’s out 16 October on Glitterbox Recordings.

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