Ian O’Donovan & Satoshi Fumi 

Ian O’Donovan | Satoshi Fumi | Bedrock Records

Bedrock recently released the 4-track ‘Rising Expanse’ EP from Ireland’s Ian O’Donovan and Japan’s Satoshi Fumi, where the duo pay homage to the machine magic of the original Detroit techno scene and use their creativity to put their own futuristic identity across four tracks. 

Ian is apparently known for his emotive music and his use of melody and uplifting chord structure. Ten years ago he released his ‘Aurora Borealis’ EP on Bedrock and he ‘hasn’t looked back since.’ Having released the eclectic ‘Still Waters’ LP earlier this year, his creativity seems to be flowing freely in 2020. 


Here, he joins forces with Satoshi Fumi, whose ‘Manis’ is a possible highlight on John Digweed’s recent ‘Quattro’ LP, and whose own genre style is continually fuelled by his imagination.

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