Cold Blue

Cold Blue’s first official album, ‘Winter’ is a soundtrack /companion-piece that’s been created more as a 360’ing of winter. It’s one that audibly and aesthetically resonates its clement elements but isn’t adverse to subvert, dig deeper and touch on its other aspects. In taking this route he’s delivered a more thoughtful contemplation of the subject, and in doing so defines his own purpose for the season.

Cold Blue
Cold Blue

Tobias Schuh (Cold Blue): “Generally I find the winter season to be more of a challenge. Something to be ‘gotten through’, a necessity before spring and summer are back around. So as much as this album is a ‘celebration’ of winter, it’s also dedicated to periods when we experience retreat and introspection. It’s a tribute to the ups and downs of life. During every downtime there are important lessons to be learnt for the next rise. To my mind, in spring we grow, in summer we shine, but in winter we learn.”


In keeping, the producer from Mainz, Germany has produced an album that reflects that ethos, and thus categorically spans the genre’s spectrum. For every number like ‘Winter Gates’ or ‘Golden Leaves’ which chart melodic courses, there’s one like ‘In Madness’ which display an entirely floor-centric conviction. 


Likewise numbers like ‘Colors’, ‘Shine’ (its lead single) or ‘Ode To The Sun’ are contextually counterweighted by the piano-led poignancy of ‘November Rain’ or the breakbeat bite of ‘Frozen’.


As with his disc on last year’s ’Subculture’ album, the release is created to ebb and flow like a DJ set. All eleven of ‘Winter’s desk-fresh tracks have been produced exclusively and singlehandedly by the man from Mainz. A conscious decision from its outset, it’s allowed him the tight reins needed to cast winter not in a new light, but in a real light. 


It’s out now on Blackhole Recordings.

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