Enrico Sangiuliano

Enrico Sangiuliano

Drumcode’s Enrico Sangiuliano has released his remix of CJ Bolland’s ‘Camargue’, guiding the 1992 R&S staple into heavier techno waters. The track features as part of the ‘Camargue 2019’ remix pack via Drumcode Records; an LP curated by techno artists to commemorate the track. 

The remix opens with cinematic charm and a hypnotic kick, setting a brooding foundation for the sound designer to inject his stabs. As the track progresses, Enrico unveils a compound of melodic synths that tether this revitalised edit to the roots of its ‘90s original. The cut then breaks away into the trance-inspired riff, triggering nostalgia for Belgium’s golden rave era. 


Increasing the cut-off for the bassline’s return, Sangiuliano creates a driving force of arpeggiating progressions. As the offering reaches its peak, the riffs are intertwined to create a soundscape that possibly shows Enrico as one of the circuit’s most exciting producers.  


‘Camargue’ marks his first release in over 15 months, since being in the charts with his debut ‘Biomorph’ album in 2018. The 8-minute mix serves as another example of his production output, as his discography grows. 

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