Louie Vega Presents...

Louie Vega Presents...

For BBE Music’s 500th release, the label joins forces with Louie Vega, Leroy Burgess and Patrick Adams to revisit ‘Barely Breaking Even’, the track after which the label is named. Coaxed into the studio together by BBE founder Peter Adarkwah, Grammy winning house music artist Louie Vega, New Yorker Patrick Adams, plus the song’s original writer, Leroy Burgess, soon got to work. 

Featuring live strings by The Apple Hill String Quartet arranged by Adams and Burgess, Vega’s ‘Boogie Mix’ stays faithful to the Universal Robot Band original, with potent vocal performances and a tough new groove for 2019.


It was at the string recording session for the boogie version that Louie unveiled his 'NYC House Mix' to the assembled musicians, at which point he and Leroy quickly arranged a brand new horn section and re-wrote the song’s melody to compliment the track’s accelerated pace. 


What the team emerged with is a unified call-back to two golden eras; that of disco-boogie and that of New York house. 


Released 27 September, check it out below.

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