Markus Schulz & BT

Markus Schulz & BT

Some artistic unions are really only a matter of time, which is the case with the first in-studio teaming between DJ/producer Markus Schulz and composer/singer BT. Over the last few months both Markus & BT have been in the coproduction zone, with the debut paring of Schulz & ATB on ‘Heartbeat’ and the Transeau x Corsten link-up ‘1997’. Now their production roads converge on one shared track - the result of which is ‘I Need Love’.

The track is every bit the sum of its artists’ parts, but further - as the 350th release on Coldharbour Recordings – is a dual landmark for Markus. ‘I Need Love’ sees both producers working the studio controls and additionally sees BT owning its moving vocal quarter.


Setting the track’s framework up, the pair contrast the march of its drums and percussive skip with the moodily prowling presence of its intro riffs. With keener balance still, BT’s from-within lyrics and expressive vocals penetrate soul-deep, whilst drop-side Markus counterweights the pathos with the chime of his mainline. 


It’s out now.

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