John Digweed’s Bedrock label's latest release is from Quivver (aka John Graham), possibly one of the scene’s most essential creators from the early-1990s. His chilled ‘Reprise’ versions of latest release ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ and ‘This Was’ were apparently critically acclaimed highlights on the recent ‘Bedrock 18’ album. Now the original club versions have just been released this week.

Innovative experimentation flows freely through Quivver productions, with ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ leading the way…


Quivver: “The title ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ came about as I was trying to come up with vocal ideas for the track and did what I usually do - sing nonsense lyrics and try to find a good melody, at which point I usually go back and write proper lyrics, but since I liked the sound of the vocal I left the random nonsense as it was - then fed some of it through Alchemy to make it sound even weirder.” 


This element of open-minded electronic research has created an original element that constantly mutates and develops from start to finish. This spirit of experimentation is continued with the vibes of ‘This Was’.


On the live front, John has been keeping busy playing Quivver shows in South America, Amsterdam, Budapest, Ukraine, Liverpool and Japan. He has also played a couple of live shows recently under his old D&B moniker – Skanna – a project he intends to revive with some new releases in the coming months.


His Frisky Radio show 'Controlled Substance’ is on the air on the third Monday of every month.


Check the tracks below.

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