Axwell & Ingrosso

On Thursday and Friday 12 and 13 March, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso will release their new music videos for the tracks ‘On My Way’ and ‘Can't Hold Us Down’ from their forthcoming album on Virgin EMI. With a string of hits and more than 15 million combined record sales spanning their careers, the newly formed duo are ready to unleash their new project. The videos - directed by Christian Larson - will premiere on VEVO and the band's online hub 

They follow the video and global Beats Music campaign for the track ‘Something New’ which has amassed more than 16 million views to date. 

Axwell & Ingrosso: “We came up with the idea of doing a non-generic type video, sort of around a fight club feeling, just getting dirty, totally not polished in anyway and have fun with it. Christian nailed the vision of what we wanted and we shot it in Romania in temperatures of over 100 degrees. We trained for 4 days in Ibiza between shows with a Ninja on how to fight without hurting each other but it didn’t really work… there was a lots real pain! We had so much fun doing these and really coming out of ourselves, the first tIme really for us to be fully in a music video and there is no one who knows us better that Christian Larson.”

Christian Larson: "I loved making this one - we had so much much fun on the shoot during a few hot summer days in Romania! It was cool that little phased the boys Axwell & Ingrosso. They really impressed us with their acting skills as they had tons of fun with their larger than life characters!”


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