Fedde le Grande & Umek

Fedde le Grande | Metrum (Umek Remix)

As part of one of their best year’s yet, which celebrates their 10th anniversary, Toolroom Records will release remixes of some of their most memorable tracks from the past ten years, updated and reworked by some of their favourite artists. Leading the ‘Ten’ campaign, Fedde le Grand’s ‘Metrum’ gets the remix treatment from Umek.

A key DJ/producer over the past decade, Fedde le Grand’s influence can be felt throughout the electronic landscape through his creative beats, grooves, melodies and rhythms, culminating in a long list of house tracks. ‘Metrum’ was one of those big tunes, a firm favourite at festivals and the backdrop to many top nights. Now, Toolroom regular, Umek, sets his sites on reworking ‘Metrum’. Maintaining the essence of the original with its beats and atmospheric breakdown, Umek brings out the groove with this unrelenting take on the track, turning it into a big room anthem for 2013. Have a listen below, it’s out August 7.

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