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John 00 Fleming
Music · 02 June 2021
March saw John 00 Fleming’s end his two-year release sabbatical with ‘The Explorer’. Given its ‘Chapter 1’ prefix, at least something of what was to follow could be divined. With Fleming playing most of its cards chest-close though, the track’s meaning still had a whole lotta unknown to it. Whatever the first Chapter’s Explorer was on the hunt for though, it seems he’s pinpointed it, as its next instalment, ‘The Finding’ is ready to relate.

John 00 Fleming
Music · 04 March 2021
What exactly John 00 Fleming has in ‘21-store is currently only known to him, but now you get a glimpse at least of what’s on his mind. Primarily that comes by way of ‘Chapter 1: The Explorer’, a leadingly titled release, which also marks his first single in two years. It plays a touch housier and a fraction less trance and flips the perspective on ‘Space Odyssey’, his last outing.