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George Davis
Music · 18 November 2023
kickin’ up dust drops part two of the ‘Ona’ EP by George Davis. A jazzy bassline, piano keys and a rhythmical vocal aim to send hips swinging and shoulders shaking in ‘Gomera’, a track which Chicagoan Roy Davis Jr. then remixes with a ‘Chitown Vibe’. Squelchy synths and organic percussion enter his version, maintaining the keys while moving the vocals to the back of the mix.
George Davis
Music · 05 April 2023
Tom Kutsche turns his kickin’ up dust party into a label with an EP from George Davis and a remix from Kai Alcé. A squelchy riff and deep bass guitar introduce swinging piano keys and classic disco vocals in George’s’ aptly named ‘Marimba Disco’, with the percussion instrument taking centre stage throughout. Kai Alcé remixes the track, amplifying the funk with dubbed hits and ceaseless rhythm, showcasing his wide range of influences that span Detroit, Atlanta, Haiti, and New York.