Slyde Ft. Lady Posh

Slyde Ft. Lady Posh

Award-winning producer Simon Shackleton makes a rare outing under his Elite Force alias to deliver a remix that aims for dancefloor destruction. As part of a remix package for Toast & Jam Recordings, the Denver-based Brit reworks Slyde feat Lady Posh’s ‘Slyde On’.

As Elite Force, Shackleton wires this one up with warped, video game-style synths that bring the cosmic colour as the bassline drills down deep and those rums keep things moving onward. Subtle background chords aim to create suspense as guitar twangs and vocoder vocals blend the synthetic with the organic. 


Simon Shackleton: “I don’t do many remixes as Elite Force these days, but this track caught my ear because of the quality of the samples Slyde used. When I heard the original, a whole bunch of ideas quickly came to mind, so it was a real joy to work on.”


Fellow breaks stalwart Lee Coombs adds to the package. His remix is a trancey breaks affair with loads of funk and just a touch of acid, with a bassline filtering in and out behind drums and the original vocals.

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