French DJ/producer Gallo. drops his ‘Chaos’ EP on Zatar Music, accompanied by two remixes from David Mayer and Kole Audro. The original is an emotional track with layers of sounds that interplay with each other, sounding both minimal and maximal at the same time. 

Gallo: "I wanted to compose a powerful yet emotional track. I am always seeking the mix of genres and feelings in my music. This is also why I chose a vocal which is enticing but also melancholic."


David Mayer: "Some personal encounters or melodies will just instantly spark a vision for a remix. Those sparks can be very subtle and inexplicable, but sometimes there are clear characteristics in the music which just seem to demand a certain approach. 


“In this case, the timing was great and all the ingredients for a wholesome process were met. I enjoyed meeting Alexandre (Gallo.) in person when I played for his Tothem brand in Paris. His music allowed me to freely choose the intensity level or even switch the genre. I chose to explore the melodic elements and let it play out from there."


Lithuanian Kole Audro also provides a rework, building on the afro house vibe of Gallo’s version, to develop the tension through melodic and percussive tweaks. 

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