Alex Kislov Feat. Ron Carroll

Alex Kislov Feat. Ron Carroll

Alex Kislov recently announced his debut album with the release of ‘Daydream’ featuring Ron Carroll. The track is a progressive, melodic house cut that aims to give listeners a glimpse into what to expect from the LP.

Chicago-based DJ/producer, Alex has apparently made a name for himself in the city’s electronic music scene with his blend of deep house, techno, and experimental beats. He’s also performed on the stage at venues such as Radius, Spybar and The Mid.


Kislov’s original tracks, like ‘This Is the Way’ and ‘Want to Feel’, have received airplay on radio stations and podcasts, while collaborations have earned him features in music blogs.


His debut artist album, ‘Dream Sequence’, will be released in October 2024.


Ron Carroll is a house music artist and vocalist hailing from Chicago. He gained prominence with tracks like ‘Lucky Star’ with Superfunk and ‘Back Together’ with Hardsoul. Carroll's collaborations with artists such as Bob Sinclar and Axwell further cemented his reputation.


Alex Kislov: “‘Daydream’ is an ode to the daytime dreamers. These types of ‘dream sequences’ are different than the ones in our sleep and so we wanted the track to shine brighter with a touch of deep layers that allow the listener to tune-in to the beat while tuning-out of reality.” 

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