AIROD aka Dario Brkic has possibly emerged as a figure that is helping to shape the techno scene. Fresh off a Boiler Room appearance in Cologne and a recent digital and vinyl release on Charlotte De Witte’s KNTXT label, the French DJ/producer continues with his latest single ‘Utopia’, two which apparently represents responsible a new musical chapter for the artist.

First kickstarting his career in Paris, he caught the attention of Amelie Lens, who enlisted him for her label’s Exhale parties. He continued in the scene with releases on labels like Monnom Black, Exhale, and Molekül, in addition to supporting emerging artists on his own Elixyr label since 2018. His productions have attracted collaborations with the likes of Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte, with releases like ‘Adrenaline’ amassing over 6.5m Spotify streams. 


This latest track aims to showcase his versatility, incorporating female vocal that floats and reverberates whilst deviating from his sound. 


AIROD: “With ‘Utopia’ I wanted to mark this new shift of my musical universe, highlighting its many facets. With a touch of hope I intended to turn eyes through the future and invite people not to be afraid of whatever adventure they might be facing.”

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