House Masters – Marshall Jefferson

Defected Presents House Masters – Marshall Jefferson

Defected welcomes one of Chicago house’s founding fathers, Marshall Jefferson, into the list of House Masters. An artist who has possibly navigated cross-over success while retaining respect within the scene, he has been behind many records over his five-decade career. This retrospective, 40-track compilation showcases this house pioneer's output, ranging from his most well-known solo records to major production credits, key remixes, and the underground tracks.

Marshall Jefferson
Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jefferson: “The music on this compilation is some of my best work, and I’m very proud. Hopefully, someone else will enjoy it too. It’s an honour to be a Defected House Master; it’s almost like being in a House Music Hall of Fame; some very talented people have come before me, and I hope I continue their legacy. These are my best songs, and I hope people can not only dance to them but also get inspiration.”  


Cutting his teeth as a producer for Chicago’s Universal Recording Studios, Marshall was one of the most active DJs and producers on the Windy City’s music scene during the 1980s house music boom. Working under a plethora of aliases such as Virgo, Jungle Wonz, Truth, and On The House, as well as producing for names such as CeCe Rogers, Curtis McClain, and Evelyn "Champagne" King, the compilation opens with what is arguably Marshall’s most famous record, ‘Move Your Body’. The first recorded house track to use piano, it has remained a staple of dancefloors across the globe, with Solardo and Marshall’s rework (as heard on the compilation) only further cementing its legacy.


Wez Saunders, CEO, Defected Records: “Marshall Jefferson's impact on house music is immeasurable; from the beginning, his pioneering spirit and timeless sound have shaped the genre's very essence. This edition of House Masters is a testament to his unparalleled legacy, showcasing his greatest hits and productions that continue to resonate with dancefloors worldwide. This compilation is not just a celebration of Marshall's iconic career but a journey through the evolution of house music itself.” 


Alongside the compilation's release, the label has also produced an exclusive run of t-shirts in collaboration with Pointless Illustrations James, with the first designs celebrating Marshall’s biggest records.


‘Defected Presents House Masters – Marshall Jefferson’ is out now.

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