The ‘Sonic Discoveries’ EP brings together some of Scorpios’ new artists and residents onto one record, one that aims to take listeners on a journey across different soundscapes, moods and tones.

Blending multi-lingual storytelling inspired by good vibe manifestations, pulsating percussion, ancient Arabic qanun melodies, earth-inspired sounds and introspective atmospheres to encourage inner journeys, this is a record that aims to celebrate the diversity of the Scorpios sound.


Ghenwa Nemnom, Giovanny and Yura Aparicio, Diass and No Parachute come together to bring a diverse blend of influences and sounds, each distinct, yet distinctly Scorpios.


Founded in Mykonos in 2015, Scorpios is an inclusive gathering place meant to galvanise the artistic, spiritual, and social life of the community and encourage people from all walks of life to engage, inspire, and revel in conversation. 


Its record label offshoot is a home for artists who push forward the catalytic power of sound. Curated as a journey between cultures, the label puts out music that aims to connect, uplift and test the limits of innovation, while revering cultural traditions from around the globe.

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