Galantis has released a fourth studio album, ‘Rx’, which is available now via Big Beat Records. The 14-track collection features new single ‘One Cry’ featuring Rosa Linn alongside previously released tracks like ‘Lighter; with David Guetta and 5 Seconds of Summer and more. 


Galantis, the dance music project of Christian Karlsson (aka Bloodshy), has apparently received over 7.3 billion cumulative worldwide streams and over 1.9 billion video views to date. To him, ‘music was not simply a passion but rather a compulsion’ and his life changed for the better in a major way a few years back: after years of suffering in silence, he was officially diagnosed with ADHD and proceeded to embark on a journey of self-discovery and medical treatment. 


He exclusively discussed the album’s inspiration recently on ABC News’ Nightline, reflecting on his 20+ year career, the future of Galantis and more.


Whereas he had hinted at his personal struggles on 2015’s ‘Pharmacy’, his latest album is apparently his most soul-baring work yet. 


Galantis: “‘Pharmacy’ was when I knew I was neurodivergent and I knew the studio was like a pharmacy for me. I was the patient. ‘Rx’ is when I found medication. For me, it was key, but of course, everyone walks their own path.”


The album, which he has been working on for the better part of two years, includes its centerpiece  ‘BANG BANG! (My Neurodivergent Anthem),’ a track that lays bare his diagnosis and was praised by Rolling Stone as “an upbeat festival-ready banger.” 

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