Following the release of ‘Borderline’ in 2022 with remixes from Jamie Jones, Roman Flügel & Deetron, SeeMeNot now prepares to release her latest body of work: ‘LEADER: Giving Them Their Flowers’. A fusion of techno, melodic, and deep house sounds from some of her favourite producers, LEADER also plays with jazz, soul, and hip-hop sonics as SeeMeNot, who has Jamaican-Canadian roots, pays homage to the strength and wisdom of black and brown women who have gone before her. 


Interwoven with her own songwriting and the words of other writers and poets, LEADER builds on the interrogations of racism and oppression conveyed by her debut mixtape, ‘LONG OVERDUE: The Sound Of A Revolution’, which was dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.


Releasing on Defected in June 2024, the eight-track mixtape calls attention to the contributions of our foremothers and how much further we still have to go.


SeeMeNot: “It was really about telling the story of what women have come from, where we’ve gotten to, and where we’re aiming to go, as well as a reminder that we’ve never left - we’ve always made this world spin.” 


To that end, the artist decided to infuse the project with a host of different women’s voices. Aminata, Fanny Vannier, and clips from Eartha Kitt feature over productions from Eli Escobar, Aaaron, Chaim, Moojo, and Ivory.


Preceding the mixtape release will be a single called ‘Together’, which was released this week, and enlists production from Berlin artist Aaaron, permeated by her vocals. It’s an understated record that builds to a rumbling climax thanks to a blend of synth design and percussive ingenuity, sounding intimate, hypnotic, and spirited in equal measure. 


Providing a rework on this package, Kitty Amor lends her brand of Afro-house, adding keys for an emotive listening experience. 


Both the single and mixtape promise very special things from SeeMeNot’s debut album, which is set to release in 2025.


SeeMeNot ‘Together’ is available to download and stream now via Defected. The ‘LEADER: Giving Them Their Flowers’ mixtape will follow in June.

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