Lake Hills

Lake Hills

Coming out of Los Angeles, Lake Hills is an audiovisual artist who has been using his talents to craft live visuals and transformative music that spans techno, electronica, and experimental beats. Making his debut on Hard Recs comes the single ‘Picking Flowers’.

Lake Hills
Lake Hills

The track is a new-age slice of breakbeat as a melody anchors the track, planting its seed from the outset and transforming as it progresses. Murmuring vocal loops saunter through with swirling melodic flourishes, thumping kicks, chiming stabs and murky undertones. It aims to conjure scenes of a high-fashion party in a dimly lit dungeon. 


Lake Hills: “‘Picking Flowers’ is an overcast of melancholic texture mixed with a combination of heavy electro-driven drums and percussion. The track fleshes out a consistent melody throughout its life, making it easy for one to wander and dissolve in its repetition. I want to say thank you to Hard Recs for giving this release a home. I’m a big fan of the recent releases and the direction they’ve been heading in. There is something really special happening with electronic club music right now, you can feel it in the parties, people and music. Overall, I’m grateful to be a part of it.”


Lake has been leveraging his experience with analogue film and creating live visuals into a music production project. He has released a run of EPs including ‘Blush’ and ‘PRIVATE LINK’ and is gearing up for a performance at HARD Summer Music Festival. 


In 2022, he joined Ivy Lab on their ‘Infinite Falling Ground’ tour, in addition to being the creative force behind the visual elements for the album and live show. 


Lake Hills ‘Picking Flowers’ is available on all platforms via HARD Recs.

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