IbizaVinylClub (IVC) - the 'White Isle's vinyl-loving community and event', is spreading the news of its concept. Spearheaded by Gary Peachey, the IVC has apparently become the go-to destination for audio lovers on and off the island… all whilst actively fundraising to enhance the lives of vulnerable children and orphans in Africa. It believes that vinyl music is an art form that transcends age, experience, and boundaries and embraces vinyl enthusiasts from all walks of life, fostering an inclusive environment that actively involves like-minded people at their VinylExchange events.


With their interactive events, guests and members can get involved on Opendecks, the VinylExchange & sale and the AudioPoint. These hands-on experiences allow attendees to engage with vinyl music in a tangible way, and each event also sees performances from vinyl DJs, including Ken Fan, David Phillips, Joan Ribas, Andy Baxter, Pete Gooding, Jo Mills, Karlos Sense and DJane Tsunami to name just a few.


So far over 140 vinyl DJs have graced the IVC decks at more than 100 IVC events which have taken place at over 40 of Ibiza's music spots… including the legendary Café del Mar, Las Dalias, Ibiza Rocks Bar and Pikes Ibiza.


Looking to 2024, the brand close their third winter residency at Las Dalias cafe; add numerous vinyl DJs to their roster (the IbizaVinylColectiv IVCLCTV), and have new partnerships with Technics and Ibiza Sonica Radio. Furthermore, they continue to support their charitable cause, Project Equilibrium, which aims to Enhance Lives with the Power of Vinyl Music. In addition to multiple fundraising initiatives, they donate all fees received for vinyl sales at events, with over €10,000 already gifted to beneficiaries in Uganda and Tanzania.


Additionally, this year will see the launch of their Clubhouse campaign, a fundraising project to establish a dedicated resort designed for vinyl lovers worldwide. The resort will feature multiple performance stages, 100% analogue sound systems, a vinyl museum, analogue production studio, vinyl-disc etching, listening booths and events, and an extensive selection of vinyl music for purchase and exchange. It aims to be a haven for vinyl enthusiasts and a hub for collaborative opportunities and vinyl adventures.


Gary Peachey (IVC founder): “The vision for IbizaVinylClub is continuously expanding, and we invite you to join us in this vibrant community. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the vinyl scene, we guarantee a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience. Come meet, swap, and play with us the next time you're in Ibiza, and immerse yourself in the world of vinyl music.” 


Pete Gooding: “It’s been great watching this community take shape and grow as vinyl has remained very close to my own heart."  


Michael Wilson (DJ Mag): “Ibiza Vinyl Club (IVC) is a great community of vinyl lovers based in Ibiza; it is always a pleasure to be asked to play for this crew and to be part of the family. The events are top notch, bringing local and international DJs together to celebrate all things vinyl; it is such a warm felt and loved community, bringing something authentic to the Ibiza music scene." 


Djane Tsunami: "Meeting the IVC has gifted me great memories of my teacher José Padilla... and with the help of Gary and his friends, we now have a great, fun event and a community for everyone, with each event contributing being a charitable purpose for children in Africa.” 

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