French producer Panthera steps up to Melodize with a pair of Italo-inspired cuts that come remixed by Lauer and Endrik Schroeder. Panthera apparently prefers to remain secretive about his identity, but his music has come out on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Polaris and Correspondant and contains a synth-heavy, euphoric sound. 

This is evident initially with 'Hustle', a track with melodies, occasional vocal touches and arps. Remixing this one is Lauer, who brings his retro style to his disco and house on labels such as Permanent Vacation and Running Back. His version is faster and more direct, though still with melodies and synth motifs. 


'Western Union' brings more raw percussion and drums with hints of ‘80s nostalgia. Remixer Endrik Schroeder also hails from France with credits on Bordello A Parigi, Ritmo Fatale and Roam Recordings. He flips the original into a more propulsive, nu-disco weapon with drums and synth loops spiralling around the track as extra melodies up the groove.

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