Luca Garaboni Ft Fabiola Osorio

Luca Garaboni Ft Fabiola Osorio

Italian artist Luca Garaboni heads up his own Anomalje Records and has been immersed in the scene of his homeland since the ‘90s. He has featured on productions with old-school artists such as Roy Davis Jr, Robert Owens and Ron Carroll and is a mainstay in Ibiza, having also hosted Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classic concerts in Glasgow and Leeds. 

He now readies his first outing on Junior Jack’s Adesso Music, tapping Mexican singer Fabiola Osorio for her original vocals on ‘Niño’. The track is the sort of alluring track that has it all—seductive Spanish vocals, mystic Latin flutes, a tribal groove, and plenty of tropical percussion that all bring it to life. 


Luca Garaboni Ft Fabiola Osorio ‘Niño’ is out now via Adesso Music.

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