Zamna Ibiza

Zamna Ibiza

Tulum's Zamna Festival is to host two events at Hï Ibiza this summer. On 20 June and 12 September, the immersive Mexican experience will bring its free-spirited soundtrack to the club with a host of DJs and production. Founded in 2017, the festival is apparently ‘renowned as one of the most authentic and unique destinations to experience quality electronic music in Tulum’. 

It welcomes a mix of international DJs to the heart of Mexico's mystical Quintana Roo jungle, where nature, ancient ‘magic’ and production technology coexist. What apparntly sets the brand apart is its design and bespoke music stages that are works of art in their own right. Inviting audiences to dance together in the lush Mexican jungle, Zamna’s experience aims to connect music fans from all over the world.


Now the festival is bringing its magic to Hï Ibiza, and will take over the distinctive multi-room setup, bringing in immersive production and bold designs. These two events aim to bring something new and unique to the venue this summer. To book tickets visit hiibiza.com.

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