Juniour Sanchez Feat Mýa

Juniour Sanchez Feat Mýa

US producer and record label executive Junior Sanchez arrives onto D4 D4NCE with ‘So Hype’, featuring vocals from GRAMMY award-winning R&B songstress Mýa. Sanchez’s production style, influenced by the underground house scene of NYC he grew up surrounded by, has led to collaborations and remixes with various musicians.

From being a founding member of Da Mongoloids production collective with the likes of Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk, A-Trak, Basement Jaxx and Armand Van Helden to name a few, to creating The S-Men with DJ Sneak & Roger Sanchez, and more recently launching his Freqazoids project with UK producer Dance System, Junior has been part of the house music scene for more than two decades. Add in his writing credits with Azealia Banks, Katy Perry, Good Charlotte and Green Velvet, remixing for Daft Punk, Madonna, Shakira and Ariana Grande, and you can get some idea of his wide range. 


Now he works again with R&B artist Mýa, a singer, dancer and actor whose music has topped the charts in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, the UK and more. Together the two unveil ‘So Hype’ on the London house label, a production that features nostalgia, showcasing her vocals over Sanchez’s production skills.


Mýa: “Junior Sanchez is such a dynamic music producer and so much fun to work with. We first connected in 2010 for my independent album ‘K.I.S.S.’. Had a blast reconnecting again for ‘So Hype’ and other unreleased works.” 


Junior Sanchez: “Mýa jumped on [the track] right away… her vocal tone and performance just brought it to a whole new level. I'm so glad she's a part of it. She's a beautiful person, unbelievably talented, and an absolute force in the studio. There's nothing she can’t do.” 


Look out for more singles to come from Junior Sanchez on D4 D4NCE in 2024, including a full studio album.


‘So Hype’ by Junior Sanchez featuring Mýa is released via D4 D4NCE on 12 April.

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