Andy Manumission & Pikes Ibiza Present MONDAYS

Andy Manumission & Pikes Ibiza Present MONDAYS

Ibiza hotel Pikes will host a new party on the island featuring unannounced DJs across the season. Andy Manumission & Pikes Ibiza present MONDAYS will aim to be a nod to the past three decades and Ibiza’s infamous glory days of the early 90s. Starting from Monday, 29 April, Pikes will be kicking the week off with ‘a place for party people to escape as like-minded partygoers and island residents alike come together to embrace the freedom of being in a Balearic paradise’.

Pikes owner Andy McKay (Andy Manumission) has pioneered these halcyon Monday nights, having co-founded and promoted one of the most legendary club events during its heyday. Now, 30 years later, inspired by the spirit and unmatched energy of the Manumission era, he pays tribute to this heritage by launching a new series of events in Freddies: Andy Manumission & Pikes Ibiza present MONDAYS.


Drawing on the original basis of the club night before phones and superstar DJ line-ups, Mondays at Pikes ‘is about freedom and letting loose’. And, if at any point guests are filming the event, a curtain will be drawn around the DJ booth so that the focus remains on letting go of your inhibitions and losing yourself on the dancefloor.


Pikes will invite some of their nearest and dearest and new faces to join these Monday sessions. All lineups will be unannounced, equal status, and given the freedom to play their own style of music. 

Pikes apparently encourages guests to return to the core of the analogue days of clubbing with a no-photo policy. This policy gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want, creating a new utopia with an old-school vision. To inspire new connections and bring a buzzing social element onto the dancefloor, Pikes will be giving those attending name tags at the door. 


Andy McKay: “Returning to my alter ego, Andy Manumission, has sent memories flooding back. It’s great to remember the cultural significance of that Manumission era and I am very excited about kicking back against the DJ worship era and returning to a party where the focus is the people and the dancefloor. I feel the values of that time are missed so let’s bring them back.”

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