Kelly G. x Candi Staton

Kelly G. x Candi Staton

Aiming to be the home for funk, disco and house releases, Glitterbox Recordings recently unveiled a collaboration from Kelly G. and Candi Staton with ‘Power Of One.’ A Chicago DJ/producer, Kelly G.’s influence on dance and hip-hop culture is well known to many. 

Kelly G. x Candi Staton
Kelly G. x Candi Staton

From his #1 UK garage classic ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ with Tina Moore to tracks with Chicago house artists Steve “Silk” Hurley and Terry Hunter, he has worked with and remixed artists like Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson and Aretha Franklin, as well as Glitterbox favourites Dames Brown and Horse MeatDisco in recent years.


As an Emmy award-winning film and music executive, he has produced projects for Netflix and Comcastall while having a keen eye for talent by helping propel the careers of artists like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, and now Candi Staton. 


Known for her songs and vocals that have earned her respect in both mainstream and underground circles around the world, the quadruple Grammy-nominated Candi continues to perform on stages, recently at UK festival Glastonbury. 


Together, the pairing release ‘Power Of One’, a slow-burn funk-meets-house escapade, spotlighting Candi’s vocals over Kelly’s composition and production skills.


Kelly G.x Candi Staton ‘Power Of One’ is out now via Glitterbox Recordings. 

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