Over the last 25 years, Anders Trentemøller has primarily distinguished himself through atmospheric music with streamlined production qualities. However, ever since his eclectic second studio album, ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ (2010), it has been clear that the Dane has by no means shown us all the creativity he has to offer. 

With a sound that possibly defies stylistic categorisation, he has created his own multi-layered musical universe over the years, highlighted on his latest album ‘Memoria’. Since 2007, he has been on the road with his five-piece live band, regularly romping around the tonal spectrum and producing sounds between alternative and dream pop.


You should expect this at his gig at the Elbphilharmonie, taking place during the Reeperbahn Festival in September: immersive live music in every shade of the present moment created by someone who knows how to challenge himself and his audience.

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