Crescent Street Hustlers

Crescent Street Hustlers

On a mission to revive and modernise the classic disco scene of the late-1970s, the Montreal-based dance music collective Crescent Street Hustlers have teamed with the newly revived, Miami-based Afrowax dance music label to do just that. 

Singling out their favourite hits from the classic era, Crescent Street Hustlers have been busy in the studio reimagining and recasting the traks with a modern edge. The Hustlers are huge fans of the Montreal-based songwriter and producer Tony Green, who was apparently a guiding force of the Canadian disco scene of the late-1970s, churning out tracks under various aliases. 


One of their favourite tracks from the era, ‘Sais-Tu Pourquoi’ originally produced, written, and arranged by Tony Green under the alias Fusion, is reimagined here with their own modern take that almost eclipses the original version. The new single features three exclusive mixes, including a radio mix, extended mix, plus a bonus stripped-down element mix.  


‘Sais-Tu Pourquoi’ is out now on Afro Wax Records.

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