Satori | Leonard Cohen

Satori | Leonard Cohen

Dutch producer Satori returns with his remix of Leonard Cohen’s track, ‘You Want It Darker’. The official remix preserves the integrity of the original record while blending Satori’s deep, melodic electronic touch with Cohen’s introspective and poetic storytelling talents.  

Over the last five years, Satori experimented and improvised with various Leonard Cohen samples during his live performances. To his surprise, his take on Cohen’s classic, ‘You Want It Darker’, apparently became an instant crowd-pleaser, often resulting in people requesting the track ID. He eventually decided to create a full studio version of the remix, which features strains of trance and earthy tones. His reinterpretation finds the crossroads between his style of organic house and Cohen’s sultry songwriting that has transcended through generations.


Satori’s longtime goal of creating an official remix of one of Cohen’s records apparently stemmed from a deep admiration for his work and mystical musical style. Shortly after his passing in 2016, he reached out to his family, intending to honour his legacy through his music. ‘You Want It Darker’ was the obvious contender, given that it was one of the last songs Cohen wrote before he passed at 82. He was granted permission and his remix was officially underway.


The Satori remix of Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’ is out now.

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