Meat Katie & Elite Force

Meat Katie & Elite Force

Meat Katie & Elite Force have probably been involved in the breakbeat sound from its start, laying the foundations and helping to craft the blueprint for a genre that exploded globally. The British producers can lay claim to many of the scene’s tunes, and one of the most definitive is their collaboration ‘Lazer’, which first arrived as a vinyl-only dancefloor track in 2006.

A B-side to the more commercially-minded ‘Divine’, its beats, grinding bassline and hook apparently appealed to many tech-funk/breakbeat fans worldwide.   


Now, 18 years on and remastered by Matty Dopamine, the track is served as a digital track for the first time ever, just as breakbeat is enjoying a second moment in the sun. 


Across seven minutes, its drums bump out a funky pattern as a warped bassline adds weight and a spraying synth line appears out of the mix as it aims to bring static-laced chaos. Subtle vocal fragments dropped into the mix add a hint of soul.


The track also has a techno remix from Ettica waiting in the wings for a late March release.


‘Lazer’ is out now on Lowering The Tone.

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