Carl Cox

Carl Cox (image by Dan Reid)

Carl Cox recently embarked on new tour dates, bringing his live show to stages across North America. The tour kicked off Friday at EDC Mexico in Mexico City, continued at the Fillmore in Denver on Saturday, and then at the Skyline Festival in Los Angeles yesterday.

Cox will return to Mexico City on 18 and 19 May for two nights at the BK Mirage, for his 'Carl Cox Invites' shows. Those in attendance will again be treated to his hybrid sets and performances from rising and established talent that Carl has curated to enhance the two-day experience. 


Layer in the visuals that tie all the aural elements together, and you'll have experiences that Carl reckons "will elevate mind and bodies to beautiful new heights.”


With a career spanning decades and a reputation as one of the most influential figures in electronic music, Carl still aims to push boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide. 


With more dates to be announced, for more information and to purchase tickets for the May parties, visit his official website.

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