Jon Carter

Jon Carter

Jon Carter has released his first album for 25 years, after re-inventing himself in various guises outside of the music world and being away from music for over a decade. He only returned to producing again 18 months ago and now he's back with ‘Medication Time’. The album sees him return to the fray with tracks ranging from discerning styles of house music, acid and techno to discursive electronica.

Jon Carter
Jon Carter

The comeback single, ‘Mighty Horses’ has a vocal courtesy of Betty Steeles. The second single, ‘Brothers and Sisters’, features the vocals of Chicago’s Curtis ‘Move Your Body’ McClain - the voice of Marshall Jefferson’s house music anthem.


‘Travelling Show’ is a dirty disco-funk bomb, while recent single ‘Finish Him!!’, produced with Jack Said What mainstay Steve Mac, has been playing on dancefloors since 2023, and is inspired by 8-bit computer gaming and a filthy t-shirt design glimpsed in Glastonbury backstage bar Maceo’s.


The title track, meanwhile, was one of his first productions when he returned to music. 

Jon Carter: “I wanted to explore a deceptively simple, driving, pleasing, engaging electronic rhythm, with a breakdown that suddenly disorientates the listener by losing the kick-drum, with a sonic drop into the chaotic sound of the urban maelstrom we leave behind when we are on the dancefloor. Suddenly, it snaps you back into the escape of the disco, with the call to the prescription — ‘Medication Time’.


“There is a theme throughout this album that I tried to maintain whilst producing it, of addressing wo/mankind’s diverse beliefs, and how we could better manage our time in this world.” 


To this effect, all other vocals were provided by the recently departed Reverend Don Gorgon, with some words of wisdom. Reverend Gorgon is “a character and a half” that Jon met while on the beach one day. “A part of him will always be within me,” says Jon.


Opening track ‘Sail We Must’ (and its intro) is a tribute to Jon’s late friend and inspiration, Andrew Weatherall.

Jon: “‘Fail We May, Sail We Must’ are Andrew’s most renowned tattoos and is as good a statement of living in this world as I have ever heard. This track was made very much with Andrew in mind, especially his later works and ALFOS DJ sets. It started as a beatless track made to encourage a peaceful frame of mind, which I did not even realise was being conducted by the rhythmic sound of the waves lapping outside my window by the sea, where I now live and work.


“In short, whether he likes it or not, Andrew changed the course of my life through his music. I like to think he would like this piece, and that it is deserving of the name.


“Andrew’s passing affected me very deeply, and still does. Emotionally, I showed this openly. Sadly, this was also a point where I started to be medicated, not entirely correctly, and my mental well-being was also stigmatised. I’ll say no more.”


From his own experience, Jon is of the belief that music is great medicine and has called this comeback album ‘Medication Time’ for a number of reasons.


Jon: “Lyrics and album or song titles that are clear, but open to different meanings to different people have always appealed to me. In this case, it can refer to my own personal experience, or a wider need for solutions to the ever-increasing stresses experienced by almost every individual alive.


“I feel more at home making music now, than I did when I left it all those years ago. Music has saved me, helping me more than any medication. To be able to create music again is a blessing. It is an escape, and an entrance to other worlds at the same time. The sheer joy of music alone is a reason to live. I am so thankful.”

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