Alexander Robotnick

Alexander Robotnick

Alexander Robotnick gets set to release the third album of the "Simple Music" series: ‘Kind of... Robotnick’ features eight tracks, five of which are instrumentals and three include vocals and lyrics. The track ‘Lipstick’ is about the need to wipe off one’s lipstick before kissing someone, whether you're a woman or a man. 

In ‘What You Think of Me’, a guy is rather concerned about others’ (in his case, women's) opinion of him. It’s the possible metaphor for the typical insecurity of our times - especially in youth - dominated by the need for approval on social media to build a fairly shaky personality. 


‘Kiss Me Love Goodbye’ is about the present-day banality of feelings. A passionate suitor pours out a collection of stereotypical lines taken from music listened to over the years. A woman laughs at his attempts to seduce her with trite love expressions and answers that won't work on her, and so it’s "kiss me love goodbye". 


Regarding his instrumental tracks, ‘Rounding About’ is in typical early-Robotnick style, where his TB303 dominates. ‘Moving Light’, ‘Roboroder’, ‘A Tech House in Nilwella’ and ‘Frenzy Games’ are all dancefloor-oriented tracks.


‘Kind of... Robotnick’ is out on 1 March on Hot Elephant Music.

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