Deeper Purpose & GUZ

Deeper Purpose & GUZ

Deeper Purpose & GUZ make their DFTD debut with a collaborative release, ‘That Sound’, featuring Canadian rapper and songwriter Dope Earth Alien. Deeper Purpose’s experience on the London underground scene has translated to US success with releases on John Summit's Expert’s Only and Fisher's Catch and Release imprints. 

Now he works with Dutch producer GUZ, possibly known for ‘Set U Free’ and ‘Thin Line’. Together the two producers unveil this new track, a club-ready production for DFTD, featuring the sound of Dope Earth Alien. 


Bassy, room-shaking hits and rubbery textures work in tandem with the Canadian rapper’s flow, as she aims to uplift any track she appears on with a throwback feel.


It’s out 9 February. 

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