DJ/producer Hardwell recently announced the launch of his brand-new YouTube video series, apparently a project born from ‘his desire to give back to his fans and the wider music community’. The educational series is dedicated to unveiling the secrets of his music production process and offering insights into various facets of the music production world. 

Hardwell recorded almost 10 years ago, this new series is a refreshed insight into the knowledge and experience he has garnered since those earlier days.


Music lovers and beat makers can expect exclusive live streams with him from his studio, as well as in-depth production tutorials, DJ tips and tricks, and even a return of his Q&A series from that earlier series of Hardwell’s Studio Sessions.


From remixing the biggest names in pop music, including Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Moby, U2, J Balvin, and Coldplay, to delivering crossover singles working alongside acts like Craig David, Jay Sean, Austin Mahone, and Jason Derulo, his music has garnered numerous top awards and nominations along the way. 

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