Clubbing TV

Clubbing TV

As Clubbing TV strides into the sixth edition of its awards, it aims to embrace and honour the creativity that thrives in the world of electronic music video production. The journey from its first edition to now has showcased the evolution of music videos from essential promotional tools to artistic expressions.

In the realm of electronic music, the fusion of sound and visuals has always carved a unique niche, full of innovation and creativity. This year, they’re aiming to honour ‘a canvas where audiovisual artistry and technological wizardry meet’.


For the sixth edition, it will spotlight the talents that bring these visions to life. From directors who frame each beat in a new light, to graphic designers who paint rhythms in bold colours, and the unsung tech crews who turn ideas into realities.


To see all the categories and cast your vote, go to: www.clubbingtv.com/awards.

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