T78 is back on HI-LO's HILOMATIK label with the single ‘IKARUS (Extended Mix)’, which is out now. The track is a complex and energetic track, in which a deep bass dominates the low-end as dystopian synths create a dark plot. 

T78: “‘Ikarus’ has that huge big room festival vibe of a very unique sound. I made this track and tested for the first time at Ikarus festival, that’s why I decided to name it after it." 


As such, the track climaxes to the drop and introduces a driving organ riff line to the groove. The beat aims to shake the brain and induce involuntary movement as ethereal effects add contrast to the groove.


T78 is part of the electronic music scene with an emotive techno sound that has taken him all over the world. His productions and DJ sets are ‘packed with invention’, and this new single aims to be a bold statement. 

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