David Anthony & LOFT 93

David Anthony & LOFT 93

When you combine the passion of two artists who aim to produce quality tracks, you get a result like this ‘House Music’ release. Producer David Anthony, alongside partner LOFT 93, captures the essence of an Afro-house vibe on their latest collab which is being released on David’s Planet Hum Music imprint. 

Anthony brings his rhythmic skills to the forefront with breakthrough NYC artist/ afro-house producer/DJ, LOFT 93, whose recent single ‘Beautiful’ has been supported by Black Coffee and others, brings his vocals that weave throughout the track. 


Offered in the release are three distinct versions, with the Club Mix having a deep, dark moody vibe. The Strip Down Mix is just what it describes, a simpler version with emphasis on the drums, and the Club Remix which aims to bump up the groove and funk factor. There are also two shorter edits of the club mixes for those who are looking for a quicker fix.

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