Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards

Defected revisit the Todd Edwards catalogue with the second instalment of ‘House Masters Remixes’, featuring four modern house and garage artists; Shermanology, Low Steppa, Bklava and MPH. Released in 2021, Todd’s original compilation demonstrated his approach to experimentation; his entirely new sound, born from chopped up samples and vocal clips, apparently ‘birthed the UK garage genre’ while giving the American-born producer major underground credibility.

Ever since those releases in the ‘90s, Todd has continued to inspire artists around the world, artists like Dutch duo Shermanology and their frequent collaborator Conquer Jones, who open up this set of remixes by bringing their mix of UKG, Caribbean and soul influences to ‘Show Me A Sign’. 


Following that, Simma Black label boss Low Steppa takes on ‘God Will Be There’, before ‘Dancing For Heaven’ gets an upbeat remix from South-London’s Bklava. 


Closing out the release, young garage artist MPH brings an atmospheric feel to ‘Thank You’ before a beat comes down in full force.


Todd Edwards ‘House Masters Remixes, Pt. 2’ is out on Defected Records on 1 November.

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