Focus FL

Focus FL

Dissident Music recently announced the release of ‘Tunnel Vision’, the debut album from Focus FL. Since the 1990s, Focus FL has been a journeyman in the world of progressive house and electronica, and in the last several years he has seen a personal resurgence to become a core artist for Dissident Music. 

With recent chart-topping releases on Beatport's progressive house and trance charts, and recent releases on labels like Perfecto, Sounds and Frequencies, Prognosis and Dissident, his debut album is one of the label’s most anticipated releases of the year. 


The album features a collection of tracks that showcase his sound and production style. From the tough beats and emotional melodies of ‘Back With You’, to the deep breakbeat stylings of ‘Become The Light’, to the melodic ‘Melbourne’, he has crafted a future-focused melodic sound that displays a love and respect for his deep roots. 


‘What You Know’, a collaboration with Seth Vogt, will be the first single. 


‘Tunnel Vision’ is out today.

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