Adrianna follows ‘Falling’ with ‘Got The Night’, a tough, techy track with a vocal that takes its cues from aspects of house, techno and old-school rave. Her sound is characterised by blending vocals with tough, club-ready beats and she started 2023 with a bang, releasing her Beatport Hype track ‘Confidence’ on DJ S.K.T’s Stashed Music, and following up with the aforementioned ‘Falling’.

Her latest single blends rave-ready beats with a melodious vocal performance, creating a nostalgic yet future-facing track. This production embraces a high-tempo, adrenaline-pumping rhythm that exudes energy and aims to transport listeners to the hedonistic dancefloors of yesteryears while maintaining a contemporary allure.


Adrianna may be one to watch in 2023 as she builds her momentum through her DJ performances, new releases, and her own stages/events at venues across the UK and Europe. Temple House Music has already booked Franky Wah and Rebuke to share the stage with her next month.

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