Barbara Tucker Presents The BCrew

Barbara Tucker Presents The BCrew get set to drop the single ‘Grace’ on 23 August. Continuing on their uplifting gospel house sound, it’s the follow up to their debut ‘Music Remedy’.

The track reveals a blend of rhythmic complexity and melodic charm that resonates at 124bpm. It kicks off with a percussive rhythm that sets the stage as harmonious keys intertwine with a robust bassline and panned instruments, paving the way for the vocals to shine.


The track demonstrates a blend of diverse elements, each layer contributing to an upbeat vibe. The song’s sonic landscape features shifts in intensity, interspersed with varied instrumental arrangements and vocal melodies, offering a dynamic diversity that aims for listener engagement from beginning to end.


Originally produced by house impresario Kyle "Small" Smith (Ally-Us ‘Follow Me'), the track comes complete with funked up remixes by French house producers Young Pulse and dub versions by Chicago’s Emmaculate.

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