Nervian Society

Nervian Society

‘Catch A Fire’ is the new single from Nervian Society, a disco-tinged dance cut with melancholic vibes that evokes the work of artists like Tinlicker, 16BL & Reflekt. The Brussels-based act mine the electro and disco depths looking for nuggets of pure sonic gold. In a previous life, their members founded the Spector Studio in Brussels where they record, produce music and collaborate with many artists of the Belgian scene.

Their new single boasts ‘70s violins, Morodor-esque bass and pop melodies and a vocal, with vocalist Mien singing in both English and French. The extended club version is full-throttle and oscillates between Soul Central, Full intention and ‘80s disco, while the ethereal version is aimed for the sunrise “last tune of the night”.


Nervian Society is a project devoted to their dance music passion: disco and electro jams with accents of house music for good measure. On stage, they perform either a hybrid live DJ Set, a wall of sound made of loops, effects, mashups and modular synths, or a live set built around Elektron machines and a modular synth along with two vocalists.


Their debut single was ‘Club D’ – released back in 2021 as an homage to the Brussels’ parties they ran of the same name, it was soon followed in 2022 by ‘Sidi Ifni’ and ‘Mainloft’, a catchy disco summer track that had a good follow-up. 


In February 2023 their debut EP ‘Ducpétiauxlaan’ was released, a six track EP that explored various shades of electronic music, and was a celebration of their love of dance music that takes in electro, Italo-disco and house.

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