Arthur Oskan

Arthur Oskan

Canadian artist Arthur Oskan presents the second EP on his newly launched Endurance Asteroid imprint, a two-track release that encompasses synthwave, ambient and experimental electronica, dealing with themes of shifting memories, loss and reflection.

Arthur is a Canadian electronic music artist with work featured on labels including My Favorite Robot, Thoughtless, Einmusika and Beretta Music. As a Juno Award nominee and live performer, he aims to establish himself as an innovator, continuing to explore new ways to express his sound.


At the onset of the pandemic, Arthur delved into the enigmatic realm of analog modular synthesis, constructing a sonic canvas that would become his conduit for expression throughout the period of isolation. As he sat with a trove of personal memories made more meaningful by the perception that only distance and time provide, his vision to channel these creations through a fresh music imprint took shape and crystallised.


Endurance Asteroid was born and ‘Generation Loss’ is its second release. 

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