Dames Brown

Dames Brown

Dames Brown release their new single 'Glory' on Defected. The vocal ensemble have been a big part of the label since their first release on Classic five years ago, leading up to their label debut with ‘What Would You Do?’ featuring Andrés and soul musician Amp Fiddler in 2021. 

Apparently snatching the attention of some of the UK’s key DJs, the trio return with a follow up single produced by a fellow Detroiter, underground artist and Dirt Tech Reck label founder Waajeed.


Soul, funk and gospel come together for ‘Glory’, a record soaked in emotion; the rich electronic history of Dames Brown’s hometown intersperses with the acoustic, live sound of worship for yet another release steeped in authentic house beats.


Dames Brown featuring Waajeed ‘Glory’ is out on Defected on 12 May.

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