Carl Cox

Carl Cox (image by Dan Reid)

Carl Cox brings his Hybrid Set to three open-air venues in the US this autumn. Showcasing his skill as a live performer, the techno artist will make his debut at Central Park and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, before making a return to LA. Launched in 2022, his Hybrid Set finds him creating new sounds, editing his own cuts, remixing classics, and creating brand new moods and grooves using an array of electronic music instruments.

With his DJing, this duality creates a real musical hybrid as he bends the two universes together, fusing his DJing with his own produced music, all of which is done on the fly and in the moment, allowing him unfettered artistic freedom to react and diverge into whatever direction he wants - no two shows are alike and that’s the point.


The Hybrid Set US trifecta kicks off on the East Coast, in New York’s Central Park on Saturday, 30 September. From there, he heads inland on Sunday, 8 October to Morrison, Colorado, and the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. Then it’s onto the West Coast for Naud Street, Los Angeles, on Saturday, 21 October. 


Carl Cox: “Taking my Hybrid Set to these iconic venues is going to be something very special and unique for me. My full Hybrid Set sees me perform my own electronic music live, fused with everything I bring to the dancefloor as a DJ so these are exciting spaces to do just that!”

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